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Driskill Halfway House

PO. Box 23

Tulia, TX 79088

Fax 806-995-4552

What to expect when you apply to the Driskill Halfway House.  

  • Applicant will submit a $250.00 nonrefundable processing fee to DHH.  This payment is separate from and in addition to any rent required to paid upon admission.  The processing fee shall be paid in separate check payable to DHH when applying. 

  • Applicant will provide adequate information for a criminal background check to conducted.  DHH does not currently accept Applicant with conviction for violent crimes or Applicant who are required to register as sex offenders.

  • Applicant MUST be sober for at least 30 days. Upon arrival to the facility, Applicant will provide a Negative UA (urine analysis) to be administered by DHH staff.  A positive result will exclude Applicant from entrance to the program. 

  • Personal items will be checked when Applicant arrives at the facility to ensure compliance with DHH rules. Applicant will be provided a copy of DHH rules and polices prior to arrival.

  • Monthly rent is $450.00 which includes room and board.  

  • Upon admission, each resident will have a PIN assigned to them which will allow them access the secure entrance to our facility.

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